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The Hive, Red Moon, Star Pirates, and Das Bell

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Chris Berman

Author and lecturer: You could call me the accidental author. While recovering from a bicycle versus SUV accident, I wrote my first novel, The Hive. The Hive invaded American and United Kingdom bookstores in February of 2009. After completing this book, I wrote RED MOON, STAR PIRATES and ACE OF ACES. My new novel  DAS BELL was released in July.

My six books currently in print are acclaimed by authors Ben Bova, Brad Linaweaver, and David Brin, astronauts Ed Mitchell, commander of Apollo 14, and Norm Thagard, as well as military historians. I am the author of Ace of Aces, a WW II time travel adventure, and Condosaur, a horror novel set in South Florida. Das Bell, released in July, is a tale of Nazi deception, a parallel universe, and the ultimate goal, conquest and domination of our world under the Nazis’ Fourth Reich. Berman holds a master’s degree in military history as well having extensive knowledge of the US and Russian space programs.

I live in  Florida, with my wife and daughters.  My new novel, DAS BELL is now available for purchase on-line and at bookstores and published by Leo Publishing, LLC  Leo Publishing 



 Not exactly the Hubble Telescope but I took this photo of Jupiter and three of its moons with my 4.5" reflector telescope.  The image does not show the cloud bands that are visible in the eyepiece. 


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In April of 1945, with the Allies closing in, Germany is about to be defeated and thousands of the Nazi elite vanish without a trace. From the watery grave of a sunken U-Boat, to the enigmatic Plain of Nazca, to the metropolis of modern day Berlin, a mystery that imperils the entire world begins to unravel.


Nazis, alien machines, inter-dimensional travel, and a world where the United States of America never existed!  Learn the truth of Die Glocke (The Bell) a device so secret that sixty-two top level scientists were executed by SS General Hans Kammler, rather than let the true nature of this ancient alien device fall into Allied hands. Now a new Reich is about to reclaim what had been lost to them seventy years ago.


If you think World War Two ended in 1945 . . . Think again! 



Das Bell

The Bell, a device so secret that sixty-two top level Nazi scientists were executed by SS General Hans Kammler, rather than let the true nature of this ancient alien device fall into Allied hands!

“This world has been lost to us, my Fuhrer, but fear not. Another one awaits us and upon it we shall build a new Reich, not to last a thousand years, but a hundred thousand!”



What is the connection between an archeological find dredged from the depths of a subterranean Siberian lake, a horrific automobile crash in South Florida, and a rash of grizzly deaths within a neighborhood of quiet homes and condominiums? 

. . . They have slept undisturbed for over 200 million years. Now they're awake and their hunger is insatiable. The horror is about to begin. No one is safe!






Earth, 2287: After untold thousands of years of bloodshed, humanity is finally at peace. War has been banished by the science of genetics, tempering mankind's violence, but not our desire to explore the worlds of other suns. However, there are others among the stars who seek our destruction. Facing annihilation, and without military leadership, those of the 23rd century must reach across the sea of time, plucking five Second World War aces from the heat of battle, to train and lead the young and aggressive outcasts of humanity's Second Enlightenment in the art of aerial combat. Fact meets fiction in a story that weaves the biographies of five actual WW II pilots-Douglas Bader-GB, Gregory Boyington-US, Adolf Galland-D, Lydia Litvyak-USSR, and Saburo Sakai-J-into this fast paced tale of adventure.




Captured in the 17th century by pirates, Jack Bellingham, a young man from an aristocratic English family is given a choice: swear the pirate oath of loyalty or die. Jack relishes the freedom of life at sea. His knowledge of science and ballistics gives his pirate crew a huge advantage over their Spanish victims and he soon becomes the captain of his own ship. But when aliens come searching for human specimens on the Island of Jamaica, this former student of Isaac Newton finds himself having to swear the pirate oath once more, this time to creatures that look like over sized spiders, and walking squids. Jack Bellingham's life at sea is about to become a life among the stars! .



                          THE HIVE


Arm all nuclear ordnance and launch our interceptors....THE HIVE is back!  The Hive has been re-issued through Leo Publishing, LLC and available through Barnes and Noble as well as

RED MOON:  2018: The conquest of space has just turned deadly!


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in 2018!


Two young women flying for their countries will forge a lasting bond of friendship in the crucible of war!


Angela Moretti

is a young 19 year old WAFS ferry pilot, bringing Lend-Lease P-39 fighters to Alaska for Russian pilots to fly into battle. Angela lives with a terrible pain in her soul after she learns her kid bother was executed by the Nazi SS when his unit tried surrender. No one understands her torment or her thirst for revenge except Katya Leonova, a 19 year old Red Air Force fighter pilot she meets in Alaska, whose own family was murdered by the Nazi invaders. Their shared tragedies will bind these two women together in friendship with fate propelling Angela into battle in the skies over Russia to avenge her brother’s murder. With Katya concealing Angela’s true identity, they will fight the Luftwaffe over Kursk, in the greatest land and air battle in history. They will struggle to survive after being shot down over enemy lines, and learn through the sacrifice of an unlikely ally that love and forgiveness triumphs over hatred and revenge.  





ANGELA rolled her plane inverted; pulling high gees to put the Aircobra into a steep dive, using the plane’s speed to loop up and get behind the 109, but the German pilot was not fooled. He matched her maneuver, firing off a burst of heavy 30 mm cannon shells at her fighter. Again Angela snap rolled and dived. Her goggles slipped up and off her sweat drenched face. The force of the high gee loop was turning her world into a gray fog, a tunnel that began to fill with blackness. She checked the Cobra’s mirror but her nemesis was still behind her, matching her move for move and closing. And then, she couldn’t believe it! The German broke off and dove, but to her horror Angela saw what he was diving on: Katya’s number 63 plane. She had fired at Angela’s attacker to drive him off, only now Katya was his target!