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2287: To save their future, they must reach into the past.

After untold thousands of years of bloodshed, humanity is finally at peace. War has been banished by the science of genetics, tempering mankind’s violence, but not our desire to explore the worlds of other suns. However, there are others among the stars who seek our destruction. Facing annihilation, and without military leadership, those of the 23rd century must reach across the sea of time, plucking five Second World War aces from the heat of battle, to train and lead the young and aggressive outcasts of humanity’s Second Enlightenment in the art of aerial combat. Flying armed spacecraft they must train their cadets to wage war against a merciless enemy. Five pilots, aces and sworn enemies to each other, must become allies to battle in the blackness of space, not only against the inhuman enemies of mankind, but those of Earth for whom the emancipation of society’s outcasts is a far greater threat than our enemies from the stars.


Five fighter aces from World War Two, sworn enemies to each other, are all that stand between the Earth and annihilation by its alien foes in an unimaginable future 

This novel features five actual WWII aces: Douglas Bader-GB, Gregory Boyington-US, Adolf Galland-D, Lydia Litvyak-USSR, Saburo Sakai-J

The idea for the book came from the plight of the French Army in World War One. By 1916, France had lost over a million men. They risked losing the war to Germany by attrition. In desperation the French turned to their colonies in Africa and South East Asia, asking their colonials to volunteer for the defense of France.  With this request came a promise of full French citizenship for those who fought.  The black and Asian colonial troops were effective in helping  France stave off defeat, but to the French military, these men were thought of as their inferiors and driven by uncontrolled violence.  When the war ended, instead of keeping their promise to those who fought and survived, the French reneged, saying those of “inferior” races could never grasp the duties and responsibilities of true citizenship. I wondered, suppose the survival of not just one nation was at stake, but the entire human race, and what if the only hope of survival rested with those who were considered to be less than human, and unworthy of the title, “civilized?”

To enhance the story, I wanted to incorporate five individuals from history to teach and train those “inferiors” in the art of aerial combat: Four men and one woman who fought in the skies in defense of their respective nations.  I chose Greg Boyington of the United States, Adolf Galland of Germany, Douglas Bader of Great Britain, Saburo Sakai of Japan, and Lydia Litvyak of the Soviet Union. To bring these characters to life, I researched them extensively. I read their biographies and their autobiographies and studied their lives, and military careers, until I came to feel I knew each of them personally. While this book is of course fictional, I would urge all of my readers to explore the lives of these valiant pilots and learn more about them. Perhaps our species may never face a desperate battle for survival against an alien enemy, but should that day ever come, it will be the men and women of Earth, in the spirit of these five World War Two fighter aces, who will rise to our world’s defense. 

   The reviews of this novel are positive, coming from two highly respected non-fiction authors and authorities on military avaiation.


"Chris Berman has written an imaginative and original novel, casting real historical figures into an almost unimaginable future war. Ace of Aces is great fun for both science fiction and aviation buffs."

-Dr. Reina Pennington, PhD-History. Former US Air Force officer and author of: Wings, Women and War: Soviet Airwomen in World War II Combat-


"Chris Berman has crafted a fascinating scenario in which the skill and bravery of twentieth century warriors is not only esteemed three centuries in the future, but considered indispensable. Indeed, in Berman’s carefully crafted future world, the heroes and heroines of the past are considered with such high regard, that they are imported into the future to fight the battles of the twenty-fourth century. Berman does an excellent job of capturing the individual personalities of his multi-national corps of real World War II fighter aces who are now tasked with the incredible mission of saving the future."

-- Bill Yenne (author of The White Rose of Stalingrad: The Real-Life Adventure of Lidiya Litvyak, and Aces High: The Heroic Story of the Two Top-Scoring American Aces of World War II).


 Mimmas Tyree stared at the three in fascination. To her, a student of history, even the forbidden history of human violence in the post Second Enlightenment era and despite her muted emotions, just seeing these people sent a thrill through her. They were so…different. The woman with high cheekbones and blonde hair, the smaller of the two men, his eyes slanted and his skin a yellowish brown and the third, a tall fair skinned man but with the most primitive of prosthesis replacing his missing legs.

“Mimmas…who are they?” It was Maya’s transmitted thoughts that intruded upon Tyree’s contemplation of the three figures suspended between life and death.

“These three are from the nation states of Japan, Great Britain, and a country once known as the Soviet Union. The smaller of the two men is Japanese, his name is Saburo Sakai. The taller one with the missing legs is Douglas Bader of the nation of Great Britain.”

“And the woman?”

“She is Lydia Litvyak, of a country that ceased to exist in the year 1991.”

Maya and Stephen stared at the young woman on the stasis bier. She appeared so thin and fragile, delicate, with her white skin and blonde hair, like a doll, a child’s relic from the past.

Stephen posed the question. “Mimmas, I was under the impression that females of this time period were not permitted to engage in combat?”

“In most cases that was true, but not in the Soviet Union. The young woman you see before you, despite her slight stature, was a warrior, a combat pilot, and she was known as an ace, one that had over five confirmed kills of enemy planes. She was one of many female combat pilots of her nation, but she was the best.”

Through her neural interface, Maya could sense a brightening of Tyree’s thoughts, a jump in her emotions. “You hold this one in high admiration.”

“I suppose that I do. In a way, I can only imagine what she feels strapped within the confines of such a primitive flying craft, armed with weapons to oppose an enemy. The men that she fought were truly monsters. I know; I studied the true history of that long gone era, not the sanitized slop we’re fed today masquerading as the truth. I admire her. I only wish I could feel the emotions that she feels, know the depths and heights of fear, love and hate.”


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