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"Shades of Errol Flynn! STAR PIRATES is an enjoyable romp, melding Captain Kidd with Captain Kirk. Great entertainment."



Captured in the 17th century by pirates, Jack Bellingham, a

young man from an aristocratic English family is given a choice: swear the pirate oath of loyalty or die. Jack relishes the freedom of life at sea.  His knowledge of science and ballistics gives his pirate crew a huge advantage over their Spanish victims and he soon becomes the captain of his own ship.  But when aliens come searching for human specimens on the Island of Jamaica, this former student of Isaac Newton finds himself having to swear the pirate oath once more, this time to creatures that look like over sized spiders, and walking squids.  Jack Bellingham's life at sea is about to become a life among the stars! 



Star Pirates


An adventure comedy romance romp through time and space.

"An adventure comedy romance romp through time and space. Finally a tale without all the dark brooding of most modern stories mixed with a fine sprinkling of romance, action and good old fashioned laughs. Well done Mr. Berman!"

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             Jack stepped back from her to allow her some space as well as taking a good hold of his plasma pistol, shutting off the arming switch, just in case. “My name is Jack Bellingham and I was born in Devonshire, England in the year of our Lord, 1664.”

              Laura rolled her eyes as she interrupted, “Yeah…and I suppose you’re an immortal…Give me a break! Like I’ve never seen Highlander before?!”

            Jack realized he’d need something more than words of convince her and he stepped toward the back door of the house.  In the back yard was a device that looked like the object Laura had called a TV but it had a large hole in the screen. “Laura ma’am: is that anything you’d be wanting?” Pointing at the damaged LCD screen.

            “Ah, no…not really.  Brandon put a beer bottle though it three weeks ago during one his binges.  Seems his team missed a punt.”

            Bellingham switched on the arming device in his pistol, adjusted the power setting to low and took aim at the ruined set. “Watch this”.

            As Laura watched, his finger closed on the firing button and a brilliant green, pencil-thin beam of energy leapt from the blue crystalline end of the weapon, striking and enveloping the target.  The ruined TV seemed to shimmer, undulate, and then expand, like a ghostly image; then it dissolved and vanished as if it had never existed.  Laura Cochran stared at the spot that the TV had occupied just moments earlier before she answered. “Well, at least that saves me the trouble of hauling that thing out front to the trash.  Okay Jack Bellingham, you’ve convinced me.  Now tell me how you wound up in the twenty-first century carrying a weapon that looks like it came from the twenty-fifth century.  Are you some kind of time traveler or what?”

             Jack holstered his weapon. “Aye, time traveler, you might say so but in truth, I was unaware how many years had passed since I was taken from my home world, taken I was by the Hoak, like a scientific specimen. Hoak look like something that swam up from the depths of the ocean.  They kidnapped me from Port Royal, Jamaica in 1693 and wrecked part of the island in the process.  I heard today, the beasties destroyed the city. They must have opened a null-port before they cleared our gravity field.” 

            Now Laura looked transfixed but then she shook her head as if trying to shake a sense of reality back into it as she listened to the man. “What’s a null-port?”

            “Something the science of your age has not yet discovered. ‘Tis a way to travel in just moments across the gulf of space: that great emptiness that lies between the stars like an endless ocean.  Once you open a null-port, you open a doorway to null-space and everything is compressed into nothingness. You open a second null-port and out yah come.  Instead of traveling for a lifetime, you barely have time to say, by your leave, and you’re where you want to be.”

             Laura slowly walked back into the house. “I think I will sit down to hear the rest of this.  If it wasn’t so early in the morning, I think I’d need a drink as well.” 

            As she walked toward the couch, she suddenly changed her mind. “Wait, I want to see something for myself.”

            Laura went to the spare bedroom to access her computer. She typed in “Jack Bellingham,” and moments later the search engine brought up half a dozen entries on the “gentleman pirate.” On the first one was an image and she opened it.  It was a painting of the man standing next to her, in the flesh. Jack peered closer at the screen, looking at his picture.

            “I had that portrait painted in 1692 in Nassau.  I was going to collect it my next time back but fate and the Hoak led me down another path when they collected me instead.”

            The woman shifted her gaze back to the screen and back to Jack, several times trying to mentally confirm that this truly was the same man in the three hundred year old painting. “So, you were a pirate captain?”

            “Tis true.  I was a pirate captain upon the sea then, and I am a pirate captain among the stars now.  I only came back home for a look about and to find some companionship, but as I can see, the world of my birth has changed much. I had no idea that Spanish devils would set upon my pinnace in their flyers and blast me out of the sky.  I managed to keep myself in the air until I crashed into the bay and swam to shore.  Then I found myself as part of your ah…pirate festival.”

            “Wait…who shot you down?  The Spanish?  We’re not at war with Spain!”

             Jack nodded his head. “They’d be Spanish by God, I heard their transmissions. I was on a heading for Jamaica when I crossed their path over Cuba.”

            Laura suddenly got it. “We may not be at war with Spain but the United States and Cuba are enemies. If you crossed into their airspace, no wonder they attacked you.  The Cubans have a nasty habit of shooting first and then asking questions later.  But…you must have been tracked by radar.  The air force or someone will be looking for you.  Wait…let me look.”

            Laura accessed the link for Tampa’s news services.  It didn’t take long to come up with what she was searching for.  Headline: UFO sightings over Bradenton: Homeowner claims parts of a UFO fell from the low flying craft and landed in his backyard

            Jack read through the entire article. “This is not fair news, not at all.”

            “Okay then Captain Bellingham, why don’t you tell me your whole story before Sam gets up.  She shook her head, speaking to herself as much as to Jack, “I said I always wanted a little adventure in my life.  I guess you have to be careful what you wish for…it might come true.”


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